Administrative Assistant Recognition

Last Updated: 5/17/2021 3:46 PM

School Administrative Professionals Honored

In recognition of National Administrative Professionals Week, a luncheon meeting was held at The Putnam County Educational Service Center for all school administrative assistants. There were 32 Administrative assistants from the county schools and the ESC in attendance.
Dr. Jan Osborn on behalf of himself and the ESC Governing Board welcomed the group and expressed gratitude to all administrative assistants for their contributions and positive impact to our schools and students.

Dr. Osborn presented service recognition plaques and certificates from the ESC Governing Board for those retiring, 20 years of experience and 30 plus years. Administrative Assistants receiving retirement honors included the 2020 and 2021 retirees since the luncheon was canceled last year due to COVID. Vicky Wagner- Continental and Ruth Wannemacher - Ottoville were our 2020 retirees. The 2021 Retirees include Debbie Kuhlman – Ottawa Glandorf, Kathy Rambo-Pandora-Gilboa, Marianne Von Sossan – Ft. Jennings, and Deb Selhorst – Ottawa-Glandorf. We had two administrative assistants completing 20 years, Julie Selhorst and Judy Looser – Ottoville. We have three administrative assistants with 30 plus years of service: Vicky Schroeder – Columbus Grove, Joyce Howell -Continental, and Mary Jean Schweller – Ft. Jennings.

Our featured speaker was Rachel Wixey, Certified Workplace Mindfulness Facilitator. She shared what mindfulness is and explained the effects of stress on our brain. Rachel showed the assistants some self-regulating techniques to use for stress reduction.
The Administrative Professionals Luncheon is hosted and sponsored annually by the Putnam County Educational Service Center Governing Board to show their appreciation for the services rendered to county school children and staff members by these dedicated employees.

Vicki Wagner-Continental 2020 Retirement
















Vicki Wagner retired from Continental in 2020.


Debbie Kuhlman-Ottawa-Glandorf 2021

Debbie Kuhlman is retiring from Ottawa-Glandorf this year. 

Kathy Rambo-Pandora-Gilboa 2021

Kathy Rambo is retiring from Pandora-Gilboa this year.