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Continental Elementary
Fort Jennings Elementary
Leipsic Elementary
Miller City-New Cleveland Elementary
Ottawa-Glandorf High School

 All of our programs are 5-Star Rated with Step Up to Quality

Our goal is to provide quality preschool programs that nurture children while fostering an excitement and curiosity for learning.

Our programs are based on a developmental approach to education. We offer opportunities for active learning including Math & Science Discovery, Creative Arts, and Early Reading and Writing Skills. Our teachers are certified according to Ohio Department of Education early childhood and special education standards.

A preschool session includes: arrival, opening group activity, learning centers, open snack, large motor activity, closing activity, and dismissal.

Learning Centers offer opportunities for active learning! Individual and small group experiences include: Math Discovery, Science Discovery, Writing, Creative Arts, Literacy, and Opportunities for Social Interaction.

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 Preschool Policy Manual

Preschool Handbooks:

Columbus Grove Handbook

Continental Handbook

Fort Jennings Handbook

Leipsic Handbook

Miller City Handbook

Ottawa-Glandorf Handbook



Register for Preschool:

  • We accept calls for applications starting the 1st Monday in February for the upcoming school year.  Please call our office to start your ONLINE APPLICATION at 419-523-5951 ext 3023.
  • Children must be 3 or 4 years of age, toilet trained (unless on an IEP), and no older than 5 years of age by May 31st of the approaching school year. In accordance with State of Ohio Department of Education guidelines, children with disabilities and 4 year old children from families with limited income will be given priority.  Children living within the school district of preschool location will be given priority as well.  Open enrollment does not apply to preschool programs.
  • A free or reduced rate is available to families who qualify. See Sliding Fee Scale below to determine eligibility: 

      1. Determine your GROSS monthly income (income before deductions)

      2. On chart below, in the first column go down to find the number of family members in your home 

      3. Then follow the line across to find your GROSS monthly income

      4. The percentage at the top of that column is the percentage of tuition you would be responsible for. ALL INCOME MUST BE VERIFIED BY THE EDUCATIONAL SERVICE CENTER.

      # of family members in your home 0% 15% 25% 40% 100%
      1 under 1,063 1,064-1,595 1,596-1,861 1,862-2,127 2,128+
      2 under 1,437 1,438-2,155 2,156-2,514 2,515-2,873 2,874+
      3 under 1,810 1,811-2,715 2,716-3,168 3,169-3,620 3,621+
      4 under 2,183 2,184-3,275 3,276-3,821 3,822-4,367 4,368+
      5 under 2,557 2,558-3,835 3,836-4,474 4,475-5,113 5,114+
      6 under 2,930 2,931-4,395 4,396-5,128 5,129-5,860 5,861+
      7 under 3,303 3,304-4,955 4,956-5,781 5,782-6,607 6,608+
      8 under 3,677 3,678-5,515 5,516-6,434 6,435-7,353 7,354+


Proof of Income must be verified by submitting 2 current pay stubs or 2019 W2 Form to
Mail to: Putnam County Educational Service Center 124 Putnam Parkway, Ottawa, OH 45875



Preschool Forms (they are password protected so please call the office to start the enrollment process at 419-523-5951 ext. 3023)

Preregistration Form for Preschool Enrollment 2020-2021 
  • All families wishing to register for preschool needs to fill this form out 

Preschool Sliding Fee Scale Form

  • All families wishing to apply for reduced tuition needs to fill this form out