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Putnam County Public Schools and ESC Substitute Teacher Information

The Putnam County Educational Service Center manages the general substitute teacher list for Putnam County Public Schools, as well as the Putnam County ESC.  The Temporary Substitute Teaching License (non-bachelor degree) is handled by the individual school districts.  Please contact the school districts directly to apply as a Temporary Substitute Teacher.   

The pay scale for each school can be found here.

A substitute teacher must hold a current educator license through the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) or a Bachelor's Degree in any subject area to apply for a general substitute license through ODE to be placed on the all county substitute teacher list. 

In addition to our nine local schools, we need substitute teachers in the Putnam County ESC special education and preschool classrooms.  Our Early Discovery Preschool classrooms are at Columbus Grove, Continental, Ft. Jennings, Leipsic, Miller City-New Cleveland, and Ottawa-Glandorf Schools.  The Putnam County ESC special education classrooms are at Columbus Grove, Continental, Miller City-New Cleveland, Ottawa-Glandorf, and Pandora-Gilboa Schools.

New Substitute Teachers

Items 1-4 must be on file in order to be eligible to apply as a substitute teacher. 

  1. Application - Complete the application, print and return with your other required documents. Please call prior to dropping off your application and items 2-4.  If you need a background check, we will schedule this at the same time.  
  2. Government Identification:  You must present in person government identification both drivers license and Social Security Card or Passport.  We need to make the copy for your file.
  3. Criminal background reports - You are required to have a FBI and BCI criminal background report on file. Background reports can be done at the ESC.  Please call for an appointment, 419-523-5951.  If you have had them done recently (less than a year of applying) and copies are on file with ODE, we will accept a copy.  
  4. Teaching License/Substitute Teaching License - We require a copy of your current teacher or substitute teacher license. If you hold a Bachelor's Degree and need to apply for a general substitute teaching license click here for instructions.  You will need to create an OH/ID account if you do not have one. The site will step you through the process.  You will be required to upload your transcript in a pdf file.  When prompted for a superintendent signature search for IRN #049304 Putnam County ESC.  This will send the application to the Putnam County Educational Service Center for our electronic signature.   
  5. Professional Code of Conduct -  Please read this document.  All substitute teachers are required to follow this code of conduct. The front page of our application requires a signature stating you have read and agree to follow this code of conduct.  Failure to follow this code of conduct may result in immediate dismissal as a substitute teacher. 

Substitute teachers returning from last year:

  1. Returning substitute teacher forms can be completed online or printed off to complete.  Please mail or email the forms back to our office at 124 Putnam Parkway, Ottawa, OH 45875 or  
  2. Teaching license must be current for the upcoming school year. To renew your license log in on your OH/ID account at ODE.  When prompted for a signature of an organization, search for IRN #049304.  This will send the license to the Putnam County Educational Service Center for our electronic signature.   
  3. FBI background reports need updated every five years.  Your OH/ID account will list the date of your last FBI report.  Please call to make an appointment, if you need to have your FBI report updated.

Substitute teacher applications are approved by the Putnam County Educational Service Center Governing Board.  The Board meets at 9:00 am the second Monday of each month.  

Questions about substitute teaching can be directed to Ann Niese, at or 419-523-5951 ext 3001.