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Putnam County ESC

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Putnam County Arts Festival

The Putnam County Arts Festival will be on March 10, 2024 at Ottoville High School from 1:00-4:00 pm. The Arts Festival brings awareness to the outstanding talents our Putnam County students have, not only in the performing arts, but in the visual arts as well.

The following are dates and locations for Band, Choir and Art students: 

Friday, March 1, 2024-1st Rehearsal (9am-2pm) for Band & Choir Students at Bluffton University.

Friday, March 8, 2024- 2nd Rehearsal (9am-2pm) for Band & Choir Students at Bluffton University; Art Show set up by teachers

Saturday, March 9, 2024- 3rd Rehearsal (9:00-Noon) for Band & Choir Students at Ottoville High School; Best of Show Art Judging

Sunday, March 10, 2024-1-4 pm Band & Choir Concert and Art Show at Ottoville High School.

Local Band & Choir Directors include:

Columbus Grove- Jason Lozer, and Kristin Verhoff
Continental- Gage Hoehne
Fort Jennings- Katie Lester
Kalida-Jacob Litwiller and Gracyn Schwieterman
Leipsic- Andy Stein and Grace Dickman
Miller City-New Cleveland-Robbie Lucas and Jennifer Keeler
Ottawa-Glandorf- Adam Verbsky and Rachel Gibson
Ottoville-Ashley Koenig
Pandora-Gilboa- Corey Schwartzkopf and Kelly Ortiz


Local Art Teachers include:
Columbus Grove - Sarah Ricker; Sarah Hoehne
Continental - Jacob Palte
Fort Jennings - Joy Noriega
Kalida - Steve Myers
Leipsic - Rachael Langhals
Miller City-New Cleveland - Jenny Hopps
Ottawa-Glandorf - Laura Myers
Ottoville - Cory Boecker; Kim Birt
Pandora-Gilboa - Ali Verhoff, Clay Atkins

Putnam County Best of Show Art Award Winners:



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This event was partially funded with the support of the Ohio Arts Council.  Thank you for their support of projects like this!