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Putnam County ESC

124 Putnam Parkway
Ottawa, OH 45875

Scholastic League



42nd Annual Scholastic League will begin on January 10, 2024 and finish on March 6, 2024. The tournament will be on March 13, 2024 at The Putnam County Educational Service Center. Leipsic Scholastic team will be the host school for this year.



2024 Scholastic League Schedule

Putnam County Scholastic League Weekly Standings 

 This will be updated on each Thursday after all the schools have reported their scores. 


Putnam County Scholastic League & Tournament Winners from 2000-Present



2024-Pandora-Gilboa, Pandora-Gilboa  
2023-Kalida, Kalida 2011-Continental, Continental
2022-Columbus Grove Miller City-New Cleveland 2010-Ottawa-Glandorf, Continental
2021-Pandora-Gilboa, Ottoville 2009-Fort Jennings, Continental
2020-Ottoville, Columbus Grove 2008-Fort Jennings/Ottawa-Glandorf, Kalida
2019-Kalida, Columbus Grove 2007-Kalida, Kalida
2018-Kalida, Miller City-New Cleveland 2006-Ottawa-Glandorf, Ottoville
2017-Ottawa-Glandorf, Ottawa-Glandorf 2005-Ottawa-Glandorf/Pandora-Gilboa, Ottawa-Glandorf
2016-Fort Jennings, Ottawa-Glandorf 2004-Ottawa-Glandorf, Ottoville
2015-Kalida, Ottawa-Glandorf 2003-Ottawa-Glandorf/Ottoville, Ottawa-Glandorf
2014-Kalida, Ottawa-Glandorf 2002-Ottawa-Glandorf, Kalida
2013-Kalida, Kalida 2001-Ottawa-Glandorf, Ottawa-Glandorf
2012-Kalida, Kalida 2000- Miller City-New Cleveland/Ottawa-Glandorf